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Dukascopy® Bank SA. All rights are reserved. Dukascopy Bank SA is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA as a bank and securities firm. Registre du Commerce.

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Your password has been successfully reset and sent to you via 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 SMS and email. You may now access your wallet through Mobile or Web applications.

In you fail to receive SMS within 5 minutes please email us on [email protected] or call us on +41 22 799 48 59.

In you fail to receive SMS within 5 minutes please email us on [email protected] or call us on +371 67 399 001.

GO Markets 返佣

Please avoid 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 churning as it is not accepted by brokers. If you simply wish to generate rebates for your account without actually trading, please don't, as such rebates will be voided by the broker.

What is GO Markets Cashback?

Forex rebates (or cashback) is cash you get back (ie cash-back) for each trade you make. Just like with any cashback, you get paid back for performing your regular transactions with the service (a forex broker in our case) and get paid back part of the cost you’re being charged by GO Markets.

Important to note that each broker has different cashback rates for account types and instruments.

For example, you can receive a cashback of 0.5 pip for each EURUSD trade but no cashback for GOLD trades. Moreover, each broker has different rebates payment terms, such as payment timing (trade open/close, end of month) or trading requirements (minimal trade duration).

PAYBACKFX provides real-time reports of each of your cashback (when possible) so you can be rest assured that each and every rebate you should receive is paid to your account.

GO Markets forex rebate is a must for any forex trader since it increases your profitability and cuts down costs, and unlike some of our competitors, your trading terms such as the spreads or commissions you pay never change.

How GO Markets cashback works?

When we refer you 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 to GO Markets to open a new trading account or link an existing trading account under our referrer (when possible), the GO Markets pays us a commission which is mostly paid back to you in the from of cashback.

How much GO Markets cashback can I earn?

GO Markets cashback will depend much on your trading volume, the larger the volume the more cashback you will 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 receive.

Below you can use our GO Markets cashback calculator to estimate the monthly or yearly cashback



Zeal Capital Zeal Capital Market(Seychelles)Limited 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 是一家专注于向机构及零售投资者提供外汇、大宗商品、指数、股票等多元资产交易服务的金融机构,其经纪业务主要基于交易产品的买、卖点差及/或交易手续费。Market(塞舌尔) Limited为 Zeal Group成员,是由塞舌尔金融服务局(FSA)授权及监管的证券经纪商,牌照号:SD027,公司地址:Suite C, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles。

Zeal Capital Market(Seychelles) Limited 是由塞舌尔金融服务管理局(FSA)授权及监管的证券经纪商,牌照号:SD027,公司地址:Office 1, Unit 3, 1st Floor, Dekk Complex, Plaisance, Mahe, Seychelles。

Zeal Capital Market (UK) Limited 获英国金融行为监管局FCA(注册号码(FRN): 768451)授权从事特定金融活动及产品类型,包括代理投资交易、委托投资交易、安排并促进投资交易。公司地址:No. 1 Royal Exchange, London, EC3V 3DG, United Kingdom。

本网站www.zfx.com由山海证券(塞舌尔)有限公司 / Zeal Capital Market (Seychelles) Limited运营。

© 2022 Zeal Capital Market(塞舌尔)有限公司版权所有。


Zeal 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 Capital Market (Seychelles) Limited is part of Zeal Group, which 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 does not accept or offer any products to Hong Kong residents 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 or public. Moreover, while the Zeal Capital Market (Seychelles) Limited is regulated and licensed in other jurisdictions and operates under strict regulations of those other jurisdictions, it does not offer any of its products to the Hong Kong public.

Zeal Capital Market(塞舌尔)有限公司及其全球分支機構不接受也不向香港居民或公眾提供任何產品。Zeal Capital Market(塞舌尔)有限公司及其全球分支機構不接受也不向香港居民或公眾提供任何產品在其他司法管轄區域接受監管並獲得牌照,在其嚴格的監管之下經營,集團對香港公眾不提供任何產品。

Zeal Capital Market(塞舌尔)有限公司及其全球分支機構不接受也不向香港居民或公眾提供任何產品及其全球分支机构不接受也不向香港居民或公众提供任何产品。Zeal Capital Market(塞舌尔)有限公司及其全球分支機構不接受也不向香港居民或公眾提供任何產品在其他司法管辖区域接受监管并获得牌照,在其严格的监管之下经营,集团对香港公众不提供任何产品。


New account can be opened under your existing personal area. Please follow the instructions for a new account registration.

XM is a famous Broker based on Cyprus. The Company 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 provide high quality service and suggest great trading conditions and bonuses.




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Customer Support

交换免费帐户 check 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户
独立账户 close
基金经理账户(MAM、PAMM) close
模拟账户 check
移动交易 close
允许对冲 check
允许剥头皮 check
EA 允许 check
追踪止损 check
最低存款额: 5 USD
最大杠杆: 1:888
最小批量: 0.01

What is XM Rebate or XM Cashback?

When you trade with XM, you pay spread or commission to XM Broker for each order. If you open account under our IB link, XM Broker will share with us a part of this spread or commission because we attract clients. We share with you 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 90% of this income. That is called XM Rebate or XM 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 Cashback.

When i will receive my XM Rebate?

XM Rebate will be paid twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Where I will receive my XM Rebate?

You will receive your rebate on your MyWallet account in XM. It is internal account to collect funds from different XM bonus programs. It is opened automatically by XM for you while you register your XM personal area. After 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 you receive rebate on your MyWallet account you can transfer 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 it to trading account or withdraw by all methods that XM provides.

Shall i claim my XM Rebate or it is paid 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 automatically?

We make automated payments for you. You don't have 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 to claim your rebate.

Is it free of charge to join 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 this program?

Yes, it is 100% free to join. Moreover, we will pay you 90% cashback for trading in XM with our rebate program.

Can i participate in XM rebate program with my existing XM account?

Unfortunately, you have to open new XM 注册嘉盛MT5模拟账户 account with our IB link. The good news is that it is really very easy. You don't have to open new personal area with another email. You just open additional account in XM. The procedure is quit easy, please follow the instructions on our website.

免责声明:外汇交易风险增加,可能并不适合所有投资者。 杠杆交易会产生额外的风险和损失的可能性。 我们建议您在开始在真实账户上交易之前学习外汇交易和模拟账户交易。 Premium Rebate 服务仅提供现金返还,不对交易者的决定负责。