MetaTrader 5 常见问题

Today the public testing of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal starts. All of you MetaTrader 5 常见问题 now can participate in it. If you want to become the testing participant, just download the MetaTrader 5 常见问题 terminal and test it. You can send your bug reports and suggestions by email or publish them in this topic.

MetaTrader 5 4+

Подключайтесь к сотням брокеров и торгуйте на финансовых рынках при помощи MetaTrader 5 для iPhone и iPad.

Мобильная торговая платформа позволяет узнавать котировки финансовых инструментов, анализировать рынок с помощью графиков и технических индикаторов, совершать сделки и просматривать историю торговых операций.

Предупреждение о рисках: наши приложения могут предоставлять доступ к торговле на реальные деньги и несут высокий риск быстрой потери денег. Большая часть частных инвесторов теряют деньги при реальной торговле. Рекомендуем убедиться в том, что вы понимаете суть различных финансовых услуг и что вы можете принять на себя высокий риск потери MetaTrader 5 常见问题 MetaTrader 5 常见问题 денег.

• Котировки финансовых инструментов в режиме реального времени
• Полный набор торговых ордеров, включая отложенные ордера
• Стакан цен (Level II)
• Все типы торговых операций и полнофункциональный трейдинг
• Полная торговая история

• Высокая скорость работы графиков
• Настройка цветовой схемы графиков и котировок
• Настройка свойств графических объектов и индикаторов
• Отображение четырех графиков в одном окне для MetaTrader 5 iPad
• Торговые уровни для просмотра цен отложенных ордеров и значений SL и TP на графике
• Информационное окно для отображения ордеров, торговой истории, почтовых сообщений, MetaTrader 5 常见问题 MetaTrader 5 常见问题 финансовых новостей и журнала в MetaTrader 5 iPad
• Звуковые уведомления
• Финансовые новости — десятки материалов ежедневно
• Безопасная и быстрая переписка в чате с другими трейдерами, создание собственных каналов и групп
• Поддержка push-уведомлений из десктопной платформы и сервисов MQL5.community

• Интерактивные графики котировок с масштабированием и прокруткой в режиме MetaTrader 5 常见问题 реального времени
• 30 самых популярных технических индикаторов
• 24 аналитических объекта: линии, каналы, геометрические фигуры и инструменты Ганна, Фибоначчи и Эллиотта
• 9 временных периодов: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 и MN
• 3 типа графиков: бары, японские свечи и ломаная линия

Загрузите MetaTrader 5 и торгуйте на финансовых рынках!

Для торговли на реальные деньги вам необходимо заключить отдельный договор на открытие реального торгового счета с финансовой компанией (брокером), установившей серверную часть торговой платформы MetaTrader 5. MetaQuotes занимается только разработкой программного обеспечения и не предоставляет финансовых услуг, а также не имеет доступа к серверам и базам данных торговых платформ MetaTrader 5, управляемых финансовыми компаниями.

MetaTrader 5 常见问题

MetaTrader 5 is not as popular as MetaTrader 4, but it is a trading platform with its distinct features. Consider the following reasons MetaTrader 5 常见问题 to choose a broker supporting MT5:

  • You want only one consolidated position per currency pair.
  • You want one of the best possible backtesting tools in the industry. It comes with free self-downloading high-quality historical data for dozens of currency pairs.
  • You would like to use a built-in Signals service, where trading signals are supplied and executed within one platform, automatically.MetaTrader 5 常见问题
  • You develop your own trading tools and would like to use multiple free code libraries and standard classes.

Forex trading bears intrinsic risks of loss. You must understand that Forex trading, while potentially profitable, can make you lose your money. Never trade with the money that you cannot afford to lose! Trading with leverage can wipe your account even faster.

CFDs are leveraged products and as such loses may be more than the initial invested capital. Trading in CFDs MetaTrader 5 常见问题 carry a high level of risk thus may not be appropriate for all investors.

MetaTrader 5

metatrader 5 download

Today the public testing of the MetaTrader 5 client terminal starts. All of you now can participate MetaTrader 5 常见问题 in it. If you want to become the testing participant, just download the terminal and test it. You can send your bug reports and suggestions by email or publish them in this topic.

For the testing period, the client terminal is offered with the English interface. If you MetaTrader 5 常见问题 have any difficulties, please refer to the built in Help, which is also in English.

You MetaTrader 5 常见问题 can download MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal by the following link: http://www.metaquotes.ru/files/mt5setup.exe (15Mb)

We thank you in advance for your contribution in testing the MetaTrader 5 terminal!

Plans for MetaTrader 5 常见问题 MetaTrader 5 Testing

1. The platform testing will take about 5-6 months .
2. This will be a step-by-step testing. New possibilities will be added at each step. During the first testing stage that starts today, the client terminal will work only with Forex. Further we will add CFD, Futures, MetaTrader 5 常见问题 equities and options.
3. The current terminal version is offered without a strategy tester . It will MetaTrader 5 常见问题 be included at next steps.
4. From November, 2009, we open the testing of back-office components of the platform in brokerage companies.

We do our best to offer you the maximally stable product, that's why the testing process has a multi-step structure. We want to thoroughly check everything before we offer the platform to our clients.


Tetris have a serious bug - you can put one piece over another from a side :)

Thanks for new platform! I like it!

Very sad. it still have the same file extension for all type of files (indicators, ea, scripts. ). Now it will be even harder to guess in which folder to copy newly downloaded *.mq5 and *.ex5 files :(

Hi - you might be interested in posting the MQL5 FraMa Cross EA that I have written, see http://paulsfxrandomwalk.blogspot.com

Thanks Paul, i MetaTrader 5 常见问题 have wrote about your indicator and EA here:

I am very disappointed in meta trader 5, all this development and their is no internal build ea or function that come with meta trader 5 the allow you to trade on the graph or allow you to do interactive MetaTrader 5 常见问题 trading by allowing you to manual using your mouse to drag up your stop, take profit, MetaTrader 5 常见问题 and stop-loss on the graph that is on every trading software out there. The other disappointing MetaTrader 5 常见问题 thing is the almost every trading software out there come with some kind of basic money management function, that allow the trade to manage their position by take profit 1st target, take profit 2nd target, take profit 3rd target, and brake even and then trail afterward. Such basic money management trading function should had come with meta trader 5. this is true a waist of time trading software. I would advise trader out their if you want to be come a profession trader you need such basic tool in your trading software or else you will always end up on a losing trade not able to manage your trade effectively. You will now what i am talking about if you are a professional trader.. by trend doctor

Hi miranon MetaTrader 5 常见问题 - you might like to look at my investigation into auto-generated documentation for MQL5 code, including documentation for the code supplied with the MT5 installation, see here http://paulsfxrandomwalk.blogspot.com/2009/11/auto-generated-documentation-for-mql5.html

I'm disappointed to hear that it comes without the strategy tester. Therefore I will stick to MT4 until the strategy tester is included in MT5.

MT 5 pode ser baixada em qualquer sistema operacional de computar tipo i3 i5 etc?

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

Install your software by double-clicking on the MT5 client terminal exe file.

2. Log in to Trade account

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

2. Log MetaTrader 5 常见问题 in to Trade account

Go to File then Login to Trade account using the credentials sent to you via email when you opened your account.

MT4 accounts will not work on MetaTrader 5 常见问题 MT5 and vice versa

3. Verify your profile

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

3. Verify your profile

Log in to Backoffice. Click ‘verify your profile’ in the orange banner or select ‘Verify Profile’ from the menu on the left.MetaTrader 5 常见问题

You will need to upload documents to complete the process

4. Download Metatrader 5 (MT5) for Mobile

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

4. Download Metatrader 5 (MT5) for Mobile

The MetaTrader 5 platform is the logical successor to the successful MT4 platform and has taken the Forex field by storm since its release three years ago. According to Metaquotes, MT5 is, however, not just the new version of MT4, but a completely new platform with brand new features.

Both iOS and Android users can download their respective MT5 mobile versions here.

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Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

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Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

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Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

Download Metatrader 5 (exe)

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