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The launch of our Polish website follows Tickmill's acquisition of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) UK licence that opened the doors 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 to Europe.

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Before receiving the Prize, the Winners agree to provide their full name and complete a short interview that will be published on Tickmill's webpage and social media.

Tickmill's representative visited orphanages, primary schools, the Massai villages and other impoverished communities, where their day-to-day existence is a struggle for survival.

You can read more about Duncan Anderson and his views on Tickmill's growth strategy by clicking here.

The management team is firmly committed to making the UK division a strong contributor to Tickmill's long-term financial growth.

A complete listing of the eight available CFDs and Tickmill's other retail products can be found here at this link

The growing demand for Tickmill's product offering is 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 a direct result of our focus on experienced traders.

As a result, the company was not affected by market moves thanks to the excellent risk management systems and 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 Tickmill's directors, who have over 15 years of experience in the FX industry.

This combined with Tickmill's plan to expand our geographical and regulatory footprint will generate great revenues for the business.

Tickmill's growing client-base is largely the result of the Group's 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 dedication to offering some of the best trading conditions in 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 the industry.

The team is geared up for another success, following Tickmill's prominent presence at the iFX EXPO Asia in Hong Kong and other high-profile events across 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 the globe.

In addition to creating a user-friendly browsing 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 experience, the website features a modern, attractive and fully responsive design that is in line with Tickmill's brand identity.

In the event that a Winner fails to respond to Tickmill's communication within 2 business days, 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 he/she will be disqualified, and the prize will go 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 to the runner-up.

His strong industry knowledge will support Tickmill's vision to become the provider of choice in terms of quality of trading services and customer experience.与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势

Many traders were also interested to find out more about how they can qualify as professional traders and about Tickmill's VIP Account which offers some of the lowest commissions in the industry.

The website offers localised content about Tickmill's products and services, including our trading instruments, account types, trading platform, tools and promotions.

הדוגמאות משמשות רק כדי לעזור לך לתרגם את המילה או 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 הביטוי שחיפשת בהקשרים שונים. הן לא נבחרות או מאומתות על ידינו ויכולות להכיל מונחים או רעיונות לא הולמים. אנא דווח על דוגמאות שיש לערוך או שאין להציגן. תרגומים גסים או לא פורמליים בדרך כלל מסומנים בצבע אדום או כתום.

Tickmill Group 2019年进一步增长

Tickmill Group ended 2019 by recording 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 significant growth across key financial metrics, a trend that continued in the first half of 2020.

  • 净营收为6860万美元,比2018年的4510万美元增长52.1%。
  • 净利润为3770万美元,比2018年的1970万美元增长91.4%。
  • 交易额达14.85亿美元,比2018年增长8.6%,执行的交易总量为8940万笔,比上年增长7%。
  • 平均月交易额为1238亿美元,而2018年为1143亿美元,增长8.3%。

Tickmill Group首席财务官Mukid Chowdhury在评价业绩时表示:“Tickmill Group2019年取得的进展表明,我们在所有业务领域都取得了持续的进步,从我们的营销和品牌计划,到对一流客户服务的关注,以及我们在技术和产品上的创新,都是如此。尽管2019年交易条件充满挑战,但这些进步使Tickmill够继续吸引新客户并进一步扩大业务。



此外,Tickmill Group在所有关键指标上的收入都有所增长,上半年的净交易收入为5,430万美元,税前利润为3,540万美元。 交易量持续增长,2020年上半年平均每月交易量为1320亿美元。


Tickmill是一家外汇和差价合约投资服务经纪商,通过其四家全球实体提供一流的交易产品。这四家实体分别是:Tickmill UK Ltd(由英国金融行为监管局(FCA)授权和监管);Tickmill Europe Ltd(由塞浦路斯证券交易委员会(CySEC)授权和监管);Tickmill Ltd(由塞舌尔金融服务管理局(Seychelles FSA)授权和监管);Tickmill Asia Ltd(由纳闽岛金融服务管理局(Labuan FSA)授权和监管)。

价差合约是一种复杂的工具,由于杠杆作用,存在快速亏损的高风险。在与Tickmill UK 与 Tickmill 交易外汇的优势 Ltd和Tickmill Europe Ltd进行价差合约交易时,分别有73%和76%的零售账户出现亏损。建议您考虑是否了解差价合约的运作方式,以及是否有能力承受资金损失的高风险。


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