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Popular Trading Strategies

In this video, we 指南以及交易策略 指南以及交易策略 give you a quick overview of the characteristics and features of three popular trading strategies. Although there are many different strategies that can be used in trading, for the sake of this article we will focus on 指南以及交易策略 Day Trading , Position Trading and Swing Trading .

Trading strategies such as Day Trading, Position Trading and Swing Trading are implemented by traders in the hope of profiting in 指南以及交易策略 the financial markets.

What is a trading strategy and why is it important?

In the world of trading, a strategy is a plan or action you can implement in order to make better trading decisions and try to maximise your earning potential when buying or selling financial products such as CFDs on stocks, commodities, forex pairs and indices. In most cases, a strategy can be customised to your specific preferences and used in conjunction with other strategies.

Having a strategy is important for you as a trader because, when executed correctly, it may help you reach your financial goals. Examples of 指南以及交易策略 financial goals could include the establishment of risk tolerance levels, short-term profits versus long-term profits or having a level 指南以及交易策略 of financial security to make a major purchase or to improve your cash flow.

What are the most popular strategies?

Three of the most popular trading strategies are:

  • Day Trading
  • Position Trading
  • Swing Trading

Below is some information about each strategy and its key characteristics.

Day Trading

Key Characteristic: Multiple small-size trades held for a short time frame.

As its name implies, the day trading strategy 指南以及交易策略 focuses on opening Buy/Sell positions on financial instruments and closing them on the same day (i.e., before 指南以及交易策略 the market closes for the trading day). It is a form of trading that requires the ability to respond quickly to fluctuations and subsequent trading opportunities that may arise in the market.

Typically, Day Traders open a number of smaller trades and use stop orders, such as ‘ Close at Profit ’ (to lock in potential profits), and/or ‘ Close at Loss ’ (to manage potential losses that can occur).

Due to the volatile nature of financial markets and the rapid price changes that are possible, day trading can have the potential to be very profitable, but also very unprofitable.

Position Trading

Key Characteristic: A single or few large-size trades held for 指南以及交易策略 a relatively long time frame.

Position trading is a medium-term holding strategy where traders keep positions open for longer periods of time such as days, weeks or even 指南以及交易策略 months.

This strategy typically relies heavily on fundamental analysis, which is a method of measuring the value of a financial instrument by examining freely-available macroeconomic data (e.g. gross domestic product, supply-to-demand ratio, the rate of employment, 指南以及交易策略 指南以及交易策略 the rate of inflation, ease of doing business, etc.). To see when major economic events take place, you can use our Economic Calendar.

A position trader may wait 指南以及交易策略 指南以及交易策略 until a stock, such as Netflix, reaches a specific support level before taking a long position, or a specific resistance level before taking a short position - and holding it for a few weeks.

There is presumably less immediacy associated with this type of trading, as 指南以及交易策略 traders are not necessarily concerned with intraday prices and generally open a small number of positions.

However, traders need to have a firm grasp of market fundamentals given the reliance on fundamental analysis.

Swing Trading

Key Characteristic: A single trade aimed at catching a trend and which is held for a longer time frame.

In swing trading, a trader typically uses technical analysis to look for certain patterns (upward or downward trends in the market). Technical 指南以及交易策略 analysis involves the usage of indicators, such as chart tools, to analyse past performance in order to 指南以及交易策略 determine the direction of price movements.

The core idea of swing trading is to spot a market trend and try to time the entry into a position in order to catch (and ride) the wave before it crashes. A rising wave represents an upward swing and a falling wave represents a downward swing.

For this strategy, you can make use of the 90+ trading indicators we provide, such as moving averages and Bollinger Bands, 指南以及交易策略 which are offered free of charge to all traders.

To try our indicators, simply sign up / log in, select a financial instrument, go to its chart and 指南以及交易策略 click on the (Fx) icon.



crypto trading strategy hodl

HODL 原帖。来源:Bitcointalk.org

为了让这种策略生效,你需要了解如何购买加密货币以及如何安全的储存它。大多数坚持持有者 (hodlers)使用诸如 paper wallets 的冷钱包或是 Ledger、 Trezor 这样的物理设备。

crypto trading strategies

比特币的历史价格,回报在数天内折半。来源:Insider PRO


cryptocurrency technical analysis


比如,如果你在市场呈现涨势的时候持有5000美元比特币的头寸,你希望在市场反转之前在其顶部进行对冲 (比如,换成USDT),以便在短期内于接近触底的时候再次买入 (再把USDT换回比特币),以此来增加你的头寸规模。


cryptocurrency trading strategy daytrading


cryptocurrency day trading strategy



交易平台提供一个简单友好的界面。所有命令均可从主菜单里访问, 并且许多频繁使用命令在工具条里也可用。报价显示在市场观察里, 而从导航器里, 您可以管理技术分析和算法交易工具。


主菜单包括几乎所有的命令, 以及能够在交易平台里执行的功能。它可为图表操作, 分析工具, 平台设置和其它功能提供访问。主菜单由以下项目组成: 文件, 视图, 插入, 图表, 工具, 窗口, 帮助。

平台有三个内置工具条: 标准, 分析线和周期。工具栏包含与主菜单重复的命令和功能。不过, 工具条是可定制的, 所以您可以将频繁使用的控件添加在这里。

这个 市场观察 窗口提供访问金融工具的价格信息: 价格, 统计和分时图表。合约规格以及一键交易功能也可从这个窗口访问。

导航器可以在账户和提供各种功能的交易机器人和指标之间切换。它包含购自 市场 以及从 代码库 下载的应用列表。从导航器里, 用户可以 租用一台虚拟平台 来提供智能交易系统和交易信号不间断的运行。

技术分析的本质是对 金融工具的价格图表 使用技术指标和分析对象进行研究。平台中的图表有各种设置, 因此交易员可根据个人需要定制它们。每幅图表可以显示 21 个时间帧, 从一分钟 (M1) 到一个月 (MN1).

工具箱是一个多功能窗口, 提供操纵 交易仓位, 新闻, 账户历史, 预警, 内部邮箱, 程序记录和智能交易日志的功能。此外, 从工具箱里您可以打开并修改各种订单并管理交易仓位。

如何开设演示账户 #

演示账户提供了在交易模式下操作的机会而无需实际资金, 指南以及交易策略 可以测试交易策略。若要开设演示账户, 您需要选择交易服务器并指定注册数据。

若要开设账户, 选择交易服务器并指定注册数据

在您开设账户之后, 平台 连接 到服务器。您现在就可以在平台上操作了。

如何进行首次交易 #

在演示账户里, 您可以练习您的交易技能, 而无需冒风险投入真实资金。尝试进行首次交易。

在市场观察窗口里选择一个金融工具, 指南以及交易策略 打开它的关联菜单, 并点击 "新订单"。

若要执行一笔交易, 点击新订单, 之后买入或卖出

若要执行一笔卖出交易, 点击 "卖出"。对于买入交易, 点击 "买入"。

其它交易机会 #

MQL5 社区 具有多种有用服务 ― 从自动跟单, 到从市场里购买现成的交易机器人, 并在虚拟平台上 24/7 运行它们 指南以及交易策略 。

在 MQL5 社区里的交易者社区提供多种有用服务: 应用商店, 跟单交易, 主机和自由职业

  • 市场 ― 交易平台的专门 应用商店。在此可找到免费和付费的交易机器人, 技术指标, 和其它有用的工具, 它们可帮助您在金融市场里操作。
  • 信号 ― 直接在您的账户里自动 跟单 职业操盘手的交易。只需点击数次, 即可从众多提供者中选择并订阅。
  • 虚拟主机 ― 利用 MQL5 社区帐户, 您可以从平台上直接 租用一台虚拟主机 来运行您的交易机器人或跟单。虚拟平台位于特殊的主机服务器来确保每天 24 小时不间断操作。
  • 自由职业 ― 如果您在代码库或市场里未能发现期望应用, 在 MQL5 社区的 自由职业板块 从专业开发者那里定制一个。

现在就注册账户。进入 注册页面 并指定期望的用户名和邮箱。一封确认邮件将被发送到指定的地址。点击链接并访问所有 MQL5 社区提供的服务。在 交易平台设置 指南以及交易策略 里指定账户。

金融期权交易的简单方法: 期权交易入门指南及主要期权交易策略

金融期权交易的简单方法: 期权交易入门指南及主要期权交易策略

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