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Mukesh Choyal

I joined Olymp Trade three months ago and trade regularly. Few things I Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 like: - Training and strategies on the platform are REALLY good. - Chart and time frames are clear and smooth. - Deposit by card is instant. Overall, I’m glad I’ve joined Olymp Trade.

Nchumthung Murry

Srinivasan Manohar

I’ve always been a person who likes to be his own boss, and Olymp Trade gives me exactly that. And that’s only the beginning, as I love the security, beautiful UI, and big Education segment it provides. It makes trading easier, so thank you for that!

Biswa Bhusan Rout

Olymp Trade has everything that new users need: a very fast support team and a deposit/withdrawal that you can do in a few seconds. And what I like the best is that anyone can trade here.

Ayush Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Kumar

Hey, traders, here is what I like the most about Olymp Trade: 1. Training or strategies - Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade teaches us how to earn and manage money. 2. Support team - Olymp Trade support is always here to help and resolve my issues. Thank you, guys.

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Profitabilitas Lebih Tinggi

Platform trading yang mendukung tujuan finansial Anda.

Mulai Trading – Gratis

Masuk Lapangan Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Trading bersama Ronaldinho!

Kami umumkan bahwa Ronaldinho bergabung dengan Olymp Trade dan menjadi mitra trading online resmi kami. Dapatkan energi tambahan untuk sukses cetak trading bersama jagoan serangan cepat!


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Fitur Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 baru, webinar terbaru, dan masih banyak lagi.


30 aset baru


Poin pengalaman (XP)

Sistem hadiah kami yang baru menawarkan lebih banyak keuntungan dan hak istimewa bagi trader aktif


Garis profit

Alat untuk membantu Anda mengidentifikasi break-even point transaksi



Menganalisa beberapa indikator berdasarkan strategi trading


Temukan Blog Kami

Tingkatkan pengalaman trading Anda dengan insight dan analisa pasar yang baru.

Pengalaman Menakjubkan di Perangkat Apa Saja

Anda lebih suka trading di meja kerja atau saat bepergian – Olymp Trade siap membantu.

Platform yang dirancang secara khusus ini telah disesuaikan untuk perangkat apa saja yang Anda Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 gunakan dan peralihannya 100% mulus.


Platform yang Bekerja untuk Anda

Fitur ini akan membantu Anda meraih tujuan.

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Telusuri platform dan uji strategi secara gratis

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10.000 yang dapat diisi ulang untuk praktik dan Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 belajar.


Sesuaikan platform dengan add-on unik untuk memaksimalkan trading Anda

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Dapatkan panduan eksklusif satu-satu dengan pakar trading

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7 Tahun Kecemerlangan

Menjadi perintis industri ini sejak 2014, Olymp Trade memiliki banyak prestasi yang patut dibanggakan.



Pada 2019, salah satu pemain rugby top dunia, Eben Etzebeth (Afrika Selatan) merupakan mitra Olymp Trade.


Olymp Trade dengan bangga mendukung tim LCR Honda di MotoGP™ 2019-2021

Transaksi yang ditawarkan oleh Website ini hanya dapat dilakukan oleh orang dewasa yang sepenuhnya berkompeten. Transaksi dengan instrumen finansial yang ditawarkan di Website ini melibatkan risiko yang tinggi dan trading dapat sangat berisiko. Jika Anda melakukan Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Transaksi dengan instrumen finansial yang ditawarkan di Website ini, Anda mungkin mengalami kerugian besar atau bahkan kehilangan seluruh dana dari akun Anda. Sebelum Anda memutuskan untuk memulai Transaksi dengan instrumen finansial yang ditawarkan di Website ini, Anda harus meninjau Perjanjian Layanan dan Informasi Pengungkapan Risiko.

Olymp Trade Reviews

Very bad experience with Olymp trade. Worst ever platform I ce across. They have blocked my account after successful verification also. And after 50 mails also, their reply is same , we are working on this. No improvement,bad Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 customer care service. Do not install this app. Not recommended at all.

Reply from Olymp Trade

Greetings, Arun Bhat.

It is a pity that you made such a conclusion but thank you for writing to us. Regarding your conclusion, Olymp Trade is a regulated and trustworthy company. We are strictly under the observation Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 of our regulator - Finacom. That means Olymp Trade needs to comply with rules and regulations. These rules are stated in the Service Agreement, which you have agreed to before registering the Olymp Trade account. Any actions of failing to follow the rules could lead us to lose our certification. That’s Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 why it is important for us to comply.

Regarding your blocked account, here is a thing that you can do. If you do not agree with the company’s decision, you can file a complaint via [email protected] You can include your ID account and the details of your case. They will review your case thoroughly and make the final decision.

How To Trade And Win In Olymp Trade With A Simple And Easy Way

As beginners, many people want to test whether the Olymp Trade platform really pays money and lets you withdraw money or not. Here, in this article, I will show you one Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 of the easiest ways to open a profitable order and make some profit in Olymp Trade. At the same time, I will give you a few notes on how to trade in Olymp Trade.

Video for making money in Olymp Trade with an account of $50

How to make money in Olymp Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Trade with a $50 account

Choose the reasonable trading assets in Olymp Trade

If you are new with a Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 starter account of only $50, then you should choose currency pairs or assets with a payout rate Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 of 80% or more. This is the profit ratio that you will receive if you win. For example, Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 you enter 1 transaction of $100 with a payout of 80%. If you win, you will gain a profit of $80.

Selecting Fixed Time and the currency pair for trading

Notes: The higher the payout rate is, the more secure your balance becomes.

For example, you are trading with the USD/JPY pair and a payout of 60%. You open 5 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You lose $20 for 2 losing orders and Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 make $18 for 3 winning orders => Your balance is still losing $2.

But if you trade with Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 the EUR/USD pair and a payout of 80%. You also open 5 orders ($10 each). 3 wins – 2 losses => You are still profitable with $4.

Advice for beginners: EUR/USD and GBP/USD Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 are the best 2 currency pairs for you to get acquainted with during your first trades.

The principles of candlesticks

At different time frames, the price will have different fluctuations. It will also create different Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 candlesticks. Just by observing, you can realize this.

For example, during this trading time frame, EUR/USD creates alternating green and red candles. There are at most 4 consecutive green candles, after which a red candle will appear. And vice versa, there are at most 4 consecutive red candles and then green Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 candles will appear.

Analyzing candles in the Olymp Trade trading platform

Notes: Do not observe the 1-minute Japanese candlestick pattern. Fast fluctuations may make you lose money faster and easier.

Open correct orders

Now you know the principle of candles. The trading strategy for use in Olymp Trade that I mention now will be as follows. When 2 red candles appear in the market, you should start opening orders. Now you bet that the third candle Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 will be a green one. If the third candle is still a red one, then open another order to bet that the fourth one will be green. It means that you will open 2 “Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 HIGHER” orders continuously.

For details, you open 2 “HIGHER” orders to bet that a green candle will appear after 2 consecutive red candles.

Order 1: Bet on a green candle – open an UP order – $2 => LOSE

Opening an UP order

Order 2: Bet on a green candle – open 1 more UP order Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 – $5 => WIN

Opening the second UP order

After 2 orders, you gain a profit of $2.1. Profit ratio is $2.1/$50 = 4% of the balance.

Know where to stop

Do you ever have these questions as follows? Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 If you lose both orders in a row, what should you do? The answer is “Stop!”. When Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 the movements of candles do not follow any cycle, then stop. Keep your money.

On the contrary, if you win, you should also know where to stop. You may find that you have only Olymp Trade 帳戶類型 earned a few dollars. But in fact, the profit you gain is several percentages of your total capital.